Excited About Windows Phone 7? More Details Coming Soon

Excited About Windows Phone 7? More Details Coming Soon

In the vein of its successful branding recovery revamp with Windows 7, Microsoft is committing considerable resources to completely reinventing its mobile operating platform, both in terms of form and function.

Microsoft's Windows Mobile brand fell into relative obscurity mostly thanks to a lack of attention from the creators themselves. In a time where smartphone technology is growing as fast as anything in tech, Microsoft paid for its negligence with huge loss in market share. Now, redoubling its efforts, it has decided to scrap the Windows Mobile project altogether and start from scratch with Windows Phone 7. In fact, a Microsoft spokesperson said that there are no current plans to provide updates of the new OS to older hardware at all.

One thing is for sure: Microsoft plans to take a much more active role in dictating the user experience with Windows Phone 7 than it did with the Windows Mobile series, which had few specific hardware requirements and would often be heavily skinned or modified by equipment manufacturers.

We still don't know much, but we can expect a lot more information at MIX10 on March 15th. Until then, check out CNET's FAQ on the situation if you want more details.


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