Most Dangerous Search Terms According to McAfee

Most Dangerous Search Terms According to McAfee

I've talked before about how hackers love to exploit popular events by creating fake pages targeting search terms, but it stands to reason that these types of attacks are prevalent with more permanently popular searches as well. But which types of searches should you beware?

According to McAfee, the two most dangerous search terms on the internet are: "Bearshare" and "screensaver." Of the search results that are produced by "Bearshare," 46% are malicious links. A query of "screensaver" produces malicious links at a rate of 42%.

Exactly how many results were tracked is unclear, but the message isn't. Do not search those terms and click on any links that result, because you've got a nearly 50% chance to expose your computer to a malicious website. Of course, there are other dangerous searches as well, and the best line of defense is the same as always - keep your antivirus updated and exercise caution when clicking any links.

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