1.8 Million Chicago Voter Records Leaked

1.8 Million Chicago Voter Records Leaked

Voting machine provider Election Systems & Software (ES&S) confirmed yesterday that it exposed the voting records of 1.8 million Chicago residents, along with personal information including names, addresses, dates of birth, partial Social Security numbers, and party affiliations. Some voter records exposed also contained driver’s license and state ID numbers. 

First reported yesterday by Dell Cameron of Gizmodo, the data was discovered to be leaked from an Amazon Web Services server through an unsecured device. 

Marisel Hernandez, Chairwoman of the Chicago Election Board, issued the following statement:

“We are deeply troubled to learn of this incident, and very relieved to have it contained quickly. We have been in steady contact with ES&S to order and review the steps that must be taken, including the investigation of ES&S’s AWS server. We will continue reviewing our contract, policies, and practices with ES&S. We are taking steps to make certain this can never happen again.”

UpGuard, the data security firm that helped discover the leak, issued a statement from their CEO, Mike Baukes: 

“ES&S was able to secure the data promptly and issue a public statement with the details of the exposure, aiding the UpGuard Cyber Risk Team in our mission of ensuring that exposed information is secured. By working with enterprises like ES&S to swiftly close such exposures, UpGuard will continue to raise awareness about the issues of cyber risk affecting the digital landscape today.”

To find out if your personal information has been exposed in this leak, you can reach out to the Chicago Election Board whose contact information is listed below.

Phone Number: 312.269.7900
Email: cboe@chicagoelections.net

By Tim Schmitt