An Unlikely Place to Look for Potential Clients

An Unlikely Place to Look for Potential Clients

As a small business, you are always looking into new ways to
convince prospective clients why they should choose your business.
Your strong value proposition and traditional methods of obtaining
new leads has been effective, but new leads maybe right under your
nose without you even knowi

ng it.

The article "How to Hook a Prospect? Check Its Job Ads,"
from the Wall Street Journal proposes you check out an
unusual and accessible place to find new leads: job listings. A job
listing gives insight into where that company is looking to go,
what things they want to change and possibly, where your company
can fit in with their new plan.

With outsourcing becoming an appealing option to a lot of
companies for its cost-saving benefits, you may be able to offer
the lead your services as a solution to their open employment.
Often times companies do not immediately think to outsource
specific services, opening their eyes to the money-saving,
efficiency-enhancing benefits could possibly acquire your company
some new business.

Another opening to take advantage of is if you find that a
company is listing several job postings for one specific location
-- they may be opening a new branch. Opening a new branch is a very
complex step for a business and they often need help from various
types of businesses to aid in the expansion. Reaching out to a
business getting ready to expand can open the door for an
opportunity of a long term business relationship.

Specific positions opening in management, such as an office
manager, can also offer valuable information. Often times once a
business is set with their preferred vendors, office managers stay
loyal to that choice. When that position changes it might be worth
trying to show the new office manager how your company can
personally benefit their business.

Always keeping on top of new ideas and ways to obtain new leads
is what keeps companies up to date and functioning at the highest
level. Looking through these listings will give you a better idea
of the direction and focus of prospective clients, and if your
business can help with this new direction, you may very well obtain
some new long-term clients.

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