Beware: Latest Search Malware Threat Apple iPad

Beware: Latest Search Malware Threat Apple iPad

The iPad was been all over the news lately, but for curious consumers, with great publicity can come great danger.

Part of the recent influx of cybercrime is consumer malware delivered through fake websites that are created to trick users into thinking they are sources of news for trending search topics. These sites are search optimized using "black hat SEO tactics" that get sites onto search engine results quickly. As a result of the use of illegal optimization strategies, these sites are generally banned from the search engines in a matter of days, but for a malware distributor taking advantage of a hot topic, a few days is plenty of time to do significant damage.

Predictably, there have been numerous reports of system infections resulting from links related to the Apple iPad over the past week or so, so you should take extra caution when searching for news. Your best bet is to stick to the big news sources you know you can trust - sites like CNET, Engadget, Techcrunch, or us, of course - as their coverage is as good as any and you won't run the risk of inadvertently downloading a nasty virus.

We'll edit this entry to include specific links to avoid if we get reports of any.


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