Bug Shuts Down iPhones with 30% Battery Remaining

Bug Shuts Down iPhones with 30% Battery Remaining

It’s still 2016 and you know what that means: more smartphone issues. 

Fortunately, the most recent issue doesn’t involve exploding phones. This time around, a growing amount of Apple users have been citing battery issues after updating their iPhone.

Is your iPhone affected? Here’s the scoop.

The Issue(s)

Apple users have been hitting the Apple forums to call attention to a new problem: their iPhone’s battery is draining much faster than usual. In fact, the battery simply dies when there is still 30% power remaining. However, when the affected iPhone is plugged into a charger, the battery appears at 30% again.

Jeff Dunn from Business Insider noted that people have been complaining about other issues as well, including rapid battery drain and the incorrect amount of power displayed in the battery icon. Of all the issues reported, batteries dying with 30% power has been the most common. 

As an iPhone user myself, I luckily haven’t made the update to iOS 10.1.1 yet and it’s looking like I will keep putting it off (a rare time procrastination was helpful). If you haven’t made the update yet, I suggest you do the same thing.

The affected iPhone models range from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s plus and every iPhone that came between.

The Fix

Earlier this month, Apple launched a free battery replacement program for those experiencing unexpected iPhone shutdowns. Apple’s new program would be the perfect solution for those experiencing battery issues ­– but there’s a catch: the program is only for those who purchased an iPhone between September and October of 2015. Unfortunately, that stipulation makes the amount of iPhones eligible for free battery replacements very small. (Unsure if your iPhone is eligible? 9to5Mac wrote a helpful piece on how to find out.)

For the rest of us, it seems we’ll have to stick out the problem for the time being. Apple has no comment on the situation.

Have you run into iPhone battery problems? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Tyler Smith