Copenhagen Climate Talks Spawn Flurry of Positive Green Tech Activity

Copenhagen Climate Talks Spawn Flurry of Positive Green Tech Activity

This week's International climate treaty talks in Copenhagen,
Denmark have seemingly spawned a flurry of activity in the green
technology arena.

As CNET's Martin LaMonica reports, the U.S.
Patent Office has introduced a pilot program designed to shorten
the approval process for green-related technologies by as much as a
year. The current process can take more than three years from
receipt to approval. This is potentially huge for the advent of
environmentally-friendly technologies, whose creators will now be
able to move from planning to finding investors much sooner.

The Department of energy announced on Monday that it plans to issue $100
million in ARPA-E energy technology research grants from the
stimulus money that it just received. The grants are available for
application now.

Ocean Power Technologies has signed a contract allowing them to begin a
project to build what will be the United States' first wave power
station. The station will be located just off the coast of
Reedsport, Oregon and is set to deploy in a year.

EGen, LLC has just announced the development of a new
hydro-power technology that can be used to harvest energy from
extremely slow moving fluids (as slow as 1ft/sec) like those of
rivers or pipelines and sewers. EGen claims that that their design
is totally non-disruptive to local ecosystems.

This is all exciting stuff for everyone, green fanatic or


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