Entrepreneurs Internet Usage Still Somehow Continues to Climb

Entrepreneurs Internet Usage Still Somehow Continues to Climb

A recent Harris Poll of 2,000+ adult respondents via telephone
reports that internet usage for adults is up to a record 13 hours
per week on average. Total internet penetration rates are hovering
at around 80%.

What does this mean for small business? It means that you are

your business at a severe competitive disadvantage if you
don't have a solid online sales/marketing strategy. If you don't
believe me, here are some more highlights from the poll:

  • As defined in the poll questions, all of the usage statistics
    do NOT even include email.
  • 50% of all of those online used the internet to buy something
    within the last month.
  • The number of adults online at home has increased ten percent
    in the last three years.
  • Business to business marketers: the age groups that spend the
    most time online are 30-39 (18 hours/week) and 40-49 (17
    hours/week), representing the vast majority of top level decision
    makers at businesses. Further, those age groups were also the ones
    with the highest rates of having bought something online in the
    last month (62% and 56%, respectively).
  • Estimated number of adults online is 184 million, based on 2008
    census data.

The significant leap in time spent online over the past two
years can likely be attributed to the increasing number of things
that people are doing online. With free ad-driven services like
search and multimedia becoming more popular than ever, the
opportunity to integrate your organization's message into important
facets of your audience's online experience is greater than ever
before. Furthermore, the interactive nature of the internet coupled
with the fact thrat internet use is a completely user-driven
experience means that your customers are more likely to see your
message when they're actively engaged and ready to consider a

Thanks to the explosive growth of the smartphone market, this
trend of increased time spent online is likely to continue for
years to come. Is your business positioned to take advantage?

More numbers and evaluation can be found here.


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