FireFox 3.6 RC2 Released Sunday

FireFox 3.6 RC2 Released Sunday

Mozilla has made available the second releases candidate for FireFox 3.6. The latest version is a security and stability upgrade and is currently available here. This is NOT a necessary upgrade if you're using 3.5.7, but if you were waiting to test the new 3.6, this RC should be a good, safe version to try.

Notable features:

  • Significantly improved stability features
  • Improved Javascript performance, among other speed upgrades
  • "Personas," a new feature that allows you to customize the browser's appearance

According to CNET's Stephen Shankland, there are over 1 million users currently testing FireFox 3.6.

You can read Mozilla's announcement here.

You can download FireFox 3.6 here.


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