Google Sets Sights on Enterprise Version of Nexus One

Google Sets Sights on Enterprise Version of Nexus One

With all the excitement of Apple, it's Google that has publicly opened its presence in the enterprise market. According to Google's VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, "there'll be an enterprise version, a mass market version, you know, whatever." The interviewer even calls out the comment and Rubin responds by saying "there will be different segments [of the Nexus phones]" that can be found in the online store.

The article further elaborates on the Nexus Enterprise details. A source from T-Mobile has apparently verified its existence and also notes the possibility of a slide out keyboard.

It appears as though the Nexus One is just Google's foot in the door when it comes to mobile strategy. Rubin points out that ultimately they want a product that puts Google services at consumer's fingertips.

With this said, how would your company use Google services to better their business? Or does Google already flood the walls of the break room? Either way, as consumers immerse themselves into Google services, their dependency may have an effect on the preference in the workplace.

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