In Employee Development and Teamwork, Switchfast Stands Out

In Employee Development and Teamwork, Switchfast Stands Out

This past June, Switchfast was recognized as one of Chicago’s Best & Brightest companies to work for — giving us an indication that we’re doing something right when it comes to employee satisfaction. Now we have signs as to why. 

The Best and Brightest sent us the full assessment of our company based on anonymous feedback from our employees. From the report, it’s clear we stand out in two distinct categories: Employee development and teamwork.

Let’s explore exactly how we promote employee growth and collaboration in our business.

Employee Development

The report showed that Switchfast ranked favorably against the national norm in employee education and development 87% to 84%. Furthermore, the report detailed a 7% advantage over the national average in employee achievement and recognition.


We see employee development as one of the most mutually beneficial focuses a company can have. The logic isn’t complicated; our goal is to make employee growth not just an option, but something ingrained in each of our positions, with incentives to encourage continual learning. For example, Switchfast pays for certifications whenever our employees pass an exam.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere of constant learning. People share knowledge that they have learned very freely which helps other employees to grow. With more knowledge, comes more value and job satisfaction.” – Anonymous Switchfast Employee

In addition to the hands-on learning our employees get by working with our clients, they also partner with management to build a career roadmap that outlines their personalized goals and identifies the path to reach them. Every employee has a unique set of expertise and career goals, and we work to meet the needs of each based on their position, skills and interests.

Many Switchfast employees have gone from entry level to management positions, and we don’t see that trend ending anytime soon. It’s a testament to putting career development ahead of arbitrary performance goals. 

“We’ve concluded that the more you invest in your employees, the better off your business will be.” – Jim Anderson, CEO of Switchfast

Further establishing why Switchfast employees are satisfied with our focus on their development, we ranked above the national average in providing learning opportunities (93% vs. 84%), making career opportunities clear (85% vs. 82%) and learning on the job (91% vs. 87%).


The Switchfast team is what has our employees happy to come to the office day after day. Besides the friendships that start here, our employees actively problem solve together. All Switchfast employee ideas are on an equal terms and are essential to how we grow the business. 

This is why Switchfast ranked 6.7% above the national average in teamwork and cooperation. Ninety-eight percent of our employees feel that their coworkers respect their thoughts and feelings, which creates a very conducive environment for sharing ideas. Ninety-eight percent of our employees also feel that their coworkers help each other out.

“Employees have each other backs. They're very supportive. Everyone can be themselves when they're at work. What makes this company Best and Brightest are the staff. Almost exclusively the staff.” – Anonymous Employee 

We spend quite a bit of time in the hiring process making sure each person we hire is not only a talented individual but a good culture fit for our team. We’ve worked very hard to build and maintain a positive, collaborative work environment, and we try to hire only those who are receptive to that kind of work environment.

“We are truly a team. I can rely on every single person to perform their jobs well and maintain the highest integrity.” - Anonymous Employee

We’re thrilled to see that our commitment to building a skilled and helpful team isn’t just lip service and our employees genuinely feel that this is an area where Switchfast shines.

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