iOS 11.4 is Draining Batteries

iOS 11.4 is Draining Batteries

What happened to the days when updates improved a product? Between Windows causing black screens and Google accidentally forcing Chrome to freeze, it seems like updates have been creating more headaches than help.

Now, Apple is getting in on this unfortunate trend with their latest iOS 11.4 update.

According to Zach Epstein of BGR, the operating system update is reducing the battery life of iPhones and iPads. Some users are stating that battery life is holding a charge for half as long as it did before they updated their iPhone. Furthermore, the battery tool on the iPhone is displaying incorrect information, stating that features that aren’t in use are responsible for the battery drain.

Epstein shares an example:

One user in [an Apple forum] thread said that Personal Hotspot was showing up on his battery page as being responsible for nearly 50% of his battery usage, but he never even enables the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature. 

Short battery life is no fun, especially if you rely on your iPhone for work. Luckily, there are a few workarounds to this issue. 

What You Should Do

There are two options for avoiding the iOS 11.4 battery issue. The one we recommend is waiting to download the update until Apple patches it, likely in a week or two.

If you’ve already downloaded the update and your battery is only making it through half the day, however, there is a way to fix the issue — but it’s risky. iOS 12 is said to include battery life improvements, and while its official release is still a ways out, the beta is available to download right now. 

Again, downloading a beta of an operating system could come with many other issues since it isn’t a complete product, but BGR is reporting that people have found that installing the iOS 12 beta on their iPhones brings huge improvements to performance.

Epstein even goes as far as recommending that everyone install the public beta on their iOS devices now because it’s already more stable than iOS 11. If your iPhone is working fine, then we wouldn’t recommend going that far, but if you’re fed up with bugs on iOS 11, upgrading to the 12 beta might be worth the risk.

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Written by Nik Vargas