Is This Free Voice Recognition App the Best Business AI Application Yet?

Is This Free Voice Recognition App the Best Business AI Application Yet?

As Artificial Intelligence adoption ramps up, many are still left wondering what tangible differences AI will make in their lives. Businesses are using it to strengthen their internal processes and, in turn, produce better products, but the results of which customers don’t usually attribute to AI. 

Besides AI-advanced internal business processes, there aren’t many AI apps available that are immediately accessible to people who may not have the resources to purchase an expensive AI program. However, a 15-person startup called AISense just launched an AI-powered app that might get people talking about the fantastic potential for AI-powered technology designed for easy everyday use by people in organizations of all sizes.

The app is called and it’s free to download on your phone right now. The app transcribes your meetings from talk into text in real time. While there are other applications out there designed to do this same thing, claims to work better and has impressive features for a phone app.’s functionality reportedly compares to that of supercomputer-powered IBM Watson’s transcribing capability, which is impressive for a free phone app.

Not Your Average Voice Recognition

AISense is showing off at the Mobile World Congress 2018 conference. They sat down with Jason Hiner of ZDNet to explain how their startup took a different approach to understanding audio data than Amazon, Google, and the other companies working on speech recognition:

"Our technology is quite different. We call it 'Ambient Voice Intelligence' and we use the word ambient to indicate that this is working in the background... Your brain can only remember 10-20% of the information [from a meeting] ... So, we thought we can help people capture that information and then search for it really fast."

"The ability to remember, search, and share your voice conversations is the next frontier in collaboration. Otter empowers the user to use AI for everyday conversations, so they can focus on what is being said and forget about taking notes." 

What specifically is doing that makes its transcribing capabilities standout? Let look at some of its features.

AI on Your Phone

What does exactly does an AI-powered voice transcribing app do? For one, it recognizes who specifically is talking. If you set up the app correctly, the name of the person speaking will be apparent in the text. On top of sorting out who is speaking, has an excellent search feature. According to Hiner, it’s the best aspect of the aspect of the app: 

“Once the recording is finished, the app's machine learning automatically creates about 10 keywords so that you know what the meeting was about. And you can start searching the full text right away. Also useful is that once you hone in on a keyword, you can hit the play button to listen to the section of the audio where it occurred.”

Hiner’s second favorite feature is’s sharing capabilities. If you have a colleague, who can’t make a meeting, you’re able to send them the transcript and audio all within the app. From there they can use the search feature to find what information presented in the meeting is relevant to them. You can even connect your Google account to the app and import your contacts, a great feature for businesses using Google applications.

The company’s goal is to eventually launch a premium version of that will allow you to save meetings forever as opposed to the free version, which will eventually have a limit to the amount of information it stores over time. 

Will you check out Do you think it will be useful to your business? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Nik Vargas