IT Spending to Increase in 2010

IT Spending to Increase in 2010

According to several research firms, such as Forrester and CompTIA, IT spending is expected to rebound over the course of 2010.

Although exact figures vary from source to source, most estimates predict U.S. spending to rise about 6%, and global spending to rise about 8%. The increases won't likely get us to pre-recession levels, but they will put us well on our way.

Despite all the positive news, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates warns that we are still far from getting out of the economic "hole."

"Although the acute financial crisis is over, the economy is still weak, and the world will spend a lot of years undoing the damage, which includes lingering unemployment and huge government deficits and debts at record levels," said Gates. You can read a more in-depth analysis of Gates' comments here.

Despite Gates' macroeconomic warnings, it's becoming clear that the worst seems to be over. As companies begin investing in technology again, the economic cycle is strengthened.


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