IT Support Within Your Nonprofit’s Budget

IT Support Within Your Nonprofit’s Budget

One of the more stressful aspects of managing a nonprofit organization is being confined to a smaller-than-desired budget. 

After budgeting for employee salaries, office space, and other essential items needed to successfully run your nonprofit, your budget may be looking pretty stretched. With not much change to spare, how can your nonprofit organization afford IT help?

A great option for nonprofits is to enlist the assistance of a remote help desk.

What is a remote help desk?

A remote help desk is an off-site team of support technicians that are on-call to assist with technical problems. They can perform nearly all of the same support tasks that an in-house IT support team can. If you can’t log in to your computer, a program isn’t working properly, or you need updates made to every computer in your entire office, a remote help desk team can help.

Remote help desks are often used by businesses and nonprofits that recognize the importance of having access to IT support, but find that employing IT personnel within the organization isn’t the best fit for their needs and budget.

A cost-effective solution for nonprofits

According to NTEN, the average budget for IT expenditures for small nonprofits in 2011 was $17,000. With such limited budgets, hiring full-time in-house IT staff is likely out of the question for many nonprofits. Because even the smallest teams will have a need for at least occasional IT support, it’s essential that your nonprofit organization have a support team available to assist with the inevitable computer problems that are bound to arise. Even with a limited budget (and limited IT needs), a remote desktop can allow your nonprofit to have access to the IT help you need!

Focus on the success of your nonprofit - not your computer problems

Computer problems can kill productivity. If you’ve ever been locked out of your computer while on a deadline, had your computer crash while in the middle of writing a grant proposal, or been unable to access your email, you’re all too familiar with the feeling of being blocked from doing what you need to be doing.

Remote help desks are able to come to the rescue quickly – just pick up the phone, and your remote team will be waiting to help fix whatever plagues your office’s technology.

If you think that a remote help desk could help your nonprofit and you’re in the Chicagoland area, give us a call at (773) 241-3007. We’ll be rooting for your nonprofit and handling your technical issues, so you can continue to change the world.

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