Passwords and Privacy: 5 Password Manager Options

Passwords and Privacy: 5 Password Manager Options

Last week, we revealed a few tips on how to better manage your privacy, which included password management and securing private content. Today, an article over at helps to elaborate on our third tip of that article, which talked about using a secure online password manager if you have an enormous amount of passwords across multiple platforms.

The article highlights their five best password managers to keep an organized grasp on which key goes to which lock. Let's look at the five that they recommend and see where they fit (if at all) in a small business operation.

1. KeePass - Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile, free of charge, this open-source option supports automatic password generation, field and icon customization, secure notes, and password entry via clipboard copying, drag and drop, or auto fill-in. This program also offers exporting formats, which means you can print hard copies for backup or secure your passwords in an offline location.

2. LastPass - Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile, free of charge for Basic or $1/month for Premium, LastPass is relatively new to the password management market but with an easy-to-use interface, along with cross-platform integration, there's no surprise why this program is quickly gaining popularity. (Not to mention, $1/month isn't too shabby for a premium account.) It's truly a well-developed online system - setting up one-time use passwords for those times you want to access your online password database but you're not sure if the connection is safe.

3. Roboform - Available for Windows, free of charge for Basic or $29.95 for Pro, RoboForm has established its solid reputation on integration with popular web browsers. One feature allows you to quickly fill out registration forms with pre-determined names and email addresses. Along with random password generation and hard copy backup availability, this is another solid choice to secure those important passwords.

4. SplashID - Available for Windows, Mac, and Mobile, $19.95 for the Desktop and $9.95 for the Mobile, SplashID utilizes its multi-platform manager capabilities to sync to your desktop and several mobile versions including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Another unique feature is the ability to create customized entry fields, allowing for private data other than passwords to be stored and safe.

5. 1Password - Available strictly for Apple users (Mac OS X/iPhone), $39.95 for the Desktop and $14.95 for the Mobile, this password manager supports sync to iPhone and iPad via the mobile application. 1Password offers integration with Evernote and Safari and a "tag-based" system for easy login organization.

Evaluate your current "password" usage and figure out if a management program would benefit you in the long run to avoid compromising your privacy and data.

Do you use a different program for password management? Leave a comment with your suggestions and opinions. All links to the discussed password managers can be found in this article.

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