Security Risk for iOS 6.1 Users: iPhones Lock Screen Can be Bypassed

Security Risk for iOS 6.1 Users: iPhones Lock Screen Can be Bypassed

Apple's newest software update, iOS 6.1, was designed to fix connectivity problems. Since the update was released, users have reported battery drain issues, connection headaches, and most recently, an unfortunate security risk. The video below shows an iPhone 5 passcode being bypassed with a simple sequence of button-pushing:

It should be noted that bypassing the lock screen only gives you access to the phone app, allowing you to call, message, or edit phone contacts; there is no evidence that this allows access to email or any other apps on the phone. A similar bug afflicted iOS 4.1, which allowed a comparable level of access to the device; Apple fixed the bug approximately one month later with the release of iOS 4.2.

This latest bug provides an interesting glimpse at the surprising fragility that can exist with the devices we depend on, and the strange ways that people have of somehow finding and exploiting them. Apple will no doubt take this issue seriously and work on patching it up, and this gaff does not necessarily mean everyone needs to start banning Apple products from their businesses. However, it does reinforce our reasons for not recommending Apple devices for the enterprise.

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