Smartphone sales to surpass laptop sales by 2012

Smartphone sales to surpass laptop sales by 2012

InformationWeek reports Gartner research
predicting a continually massive increase in smartphone sales over
the next three years, resulting in the smartphone emerging as the
preferred platform for mobile computing.

Gartner says that 29% year-over-year growth in sales will cause
smartphones to overtake laptops in sales by 2012. What's more,
smartphones will make up 37% of all handset sales, compared to just
14% currently.

Sure, smartphones are great, but they simply don't have the
functionality of a laptop. Will technology over the next few years
bring the smartphone up to speed? Google CEO Eric Schmidt thinks so, stating
that in the next few years, we'll see mobile phones doing things
that we can't currently imagine. Schmidt predicts rapid improvement
into hardware and increasing reliance on the cloud. As evidence of
this trend, Schmidt cited Microsoft, a "brutal incumbent," as
continually moving in the smartphone direction. This trend will
surely drive traditional PC makers to expand their offerings and
holdings in the smartphone market, though gaining significant
market share in the short term will prove difficult.

What do you think? Could you see yourself giving up your laptop
in favor of your smartphone if functionality were equal? Comment


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