Switchfast Digest 2/10: Investing in the Future

Switchfast Digest 2/10: Investing in the Future

At Switchfast, we love to share with each other the interesting stories and tech developments we read about on the web. Our #random Slack channel is full of links to every tech subject under the sun (and in some cases, above), and now we want to share those finds with our readers.

This week saw our favorite tech giants hard at work on ambitious projects, from self-driving cars to AI. Here are some interesting finds we've come across: 

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services is a crucial Infrastructure-as-a-Service tool for all types of businesses. HealthCareITNews looks at how AWS is fostering innovation in the healthcare industry.


It's not just Google and IBM working on AI - BetaNews describes the growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to crack systems.

IT Infrastructure and Planning

NetworkComputing explores four emerging network trends, from SD-WAN to hybrid cloud networking.

Disaster Recovery

This week's disaster recovery news comes from Switchfast itself: Thursday's Disaster Recovery Lunch and Learn was a resounding success, and we can't wait until our next event. Thanks to all who came, we hope to see you again soon!

Big Tech News

 Ford is doubling down on its artificial intelligence investments, pouring $1 billion into Argo AI to develop the brains behind its autonomous vehicles.

Consumer Technology

After a somewhat disappointing 2016 MacBook Pro, Forbes examines some surprising new leaks about the 2017 model

Thanks for stopping in, we hope you enjoyed this week's reading! If you have a story you'd like to share, just leave a comment or drop us a line at thefutureofit@switchfast.com - we'd love to hear from you! Have a productive Friday, and a great weekend.

Written by Luke Robbins