Switchfast Digest 3/8: Putting Technology to Work

Switchfast Digest 3/8: Putting Technology to Work

At Switchfast, we love to share with each other the interesting stories and tech developments we read about on the web. Our #random Slack channel is full of links to every tech subject under the sun (and in some cases, above), and now we want to share those finds with our readers.

There have been a lot of excitement over technological advancements over the past couple of years, and now we're seeing some of these breakthroughs come to fruition in practical business applications. 

Cloud Computing

Tech Republic covers IBM's initiative to start providing quantum computing power to its cloud users.


Hackers are making it hard for security experts to keep up, and Computer Business Review argues that automation is the key to meeting that challenge.

IT Infrastructure and Planning

PC World outlines how to manage data in organizations with a Bring-Your-Own-Device policy.

Big Tech News

Google can now recognize objects in videos using machine learning - The Verge has the story.

Consumer Technology

The Nintendo Switch gaming system came out this week, and as it flies off the shelves, it's also receiving some mixed reviews: TechCrunch, Gizmodo


Private spaceflight company SpaceX plans to send two people to the moon in 2018 on its much-anticipated Falcon Heavy rocket.

Thanks for stopping in, we hope you enjoyed this week's reading! If you have a story you'd like to share, just leave a comment or drop us a line at thefutureofit@switchfast.com - we'd love to hear from you! Have a productive Friday, and a great weekend.

Written by Luke Robbins