Switchfast Digest 5/18: Just Google It

Switchfast Digest 5/18: Just Google It

At Switchfast, we love to share with each other the interesting stories and tech developments we read about on the web. Our #random Slack channel is full of links to every tech subject under the sun (and in some cases, above), and now we want to share those finds with our readers.

Google kicked off its annual I/O conference this week, with many exciting announcements that get us excited about the future of tech. 

Cloud Computing

At Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the company's new Cloud TPU chips, dedicated to powering its artificial intelligence efforts. 


The big cybersecurity story developing this week is of course WannaCry, the largest ransomware attack to hit the web.

IT Infrastructure and Planning

NetworkWorld explains how the Apstra Operating System 1.2 may finally be bringing intent-based networking to life. 

Big Tech News

TPUs aren't the only awesome announcement at Google I/O - Wired has "the slickest things" Google debuted at the event. 

Consumer Technology

Watch out, Siri - Google Assistant is coming to iOS.

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Written by Luke Robbins