Switchfast Digest 7/7: Picking Up the Pace

Switchfast Digest 7/7: Picking Up the Pace

At Switchfast, we love to share with each other the interesting stories and tech developments we read about on the web. Our #random Slack channel is full of links to every tech subject under the sun (and in some cases, above), and now we want to share those finds with our readers.

From cloud computing to spaceflight, the top tech companies are working hard this week to make the most of their investments.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft's upcoming layoffs demonstrate just how serious they are about their shift of focus to cloud services.


Most cybersecurity concerns are handled by the IT department, but for some issues, the CEO needs to be in the know.

IT Infrastructure and Planning

The Financial reports that spending on the IT infrastructure supporting cloud services will be the fastest growing of IT deployment segments in 2017

Big Tech News

The long-awaited Tesla Model 3 finally hit production this week, with the first deliveries to come in late July.

Consumer Technology

With augmented reality, your next computer might just be your desk.


Third time was the charm for SpaceX, delivering the Intelsat satellite with their third launch in less than two weeks (including a reflown rocket).

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Written by Luke Robbins