Switchfast Reaches 2 Millionth Service Ticket

 Switchfast Reaches 2 Millionth Service Ticket

Last week, Switchfast solved our two millionth service ticket!

It sounds like a lot to us, too.

This particular ticket was created in the middle of the night when an emergency server alarm was triggered and the service ticket was auto-generated. Okay, so the details of our two millionth ticket aren’t as climactic as we might have hoped, but we still see this as an occasion to commemorate.

“We are excited to be able to celebrate this exciting milestone because it means we have helped so many people over the years use technology to its fullest,” said Switchfast CEO Jim Anderson. “To hit this mark, our team has demonstrated unparalleled determination along with a sincere passion for making clients happy.”

“It’s hard to imagine that the company I started working for 13 years ago would grow into what it is today,” added Switchfast vCIO Chris Barker.  “Servicing two million tickets is a great achievement showing how far we’ve come, but it’s comforting to know we’ve never lost sight of what’s most important; customer satisfaction. Whether it’s one of the first tickets entered into our system or one of the most recent, large client or small, we continue to tirelessly work to ensure our customers can stay productive through any circumstance and do so with a positive and helpful attitude.”

"Crossing the 2 million ticket threshold is a testament to the skills and dedication of our entire team who support our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—and have been doing so since 2001," said Switchfast CTO Nik Vargas. "We have helped our clients by providing over 1 million proactive fixes, thousands of strategic infrastructure improvements, and with hundreds of thousands of other requests at every stage of their growth.  We’re happy to be there for our clients a million more times!"

Switchfast first opened our doors in 2001. In the 15 years that have followed, we have had the good fortune to serve and form strong partnerships with some of the best small businesses and organizations in the Chicagoland area. Because of you, we are able to celebrate this achievement.

Thank you.