The Importance of Prioritizing Leads

On a daily basis your company strives to generate more leads from different pipelines. While obtaining new leads is the first step, the next is deciphering how much of your sales effort should be directed towards each lead.

Let's face it, not all leads that make it into your pipe line are going to become customers. For this reason it is important to separate the ready to buy, the almost ready to buy, and the probably not likely to buy. So how do you know how to prioritize these leads and is there any easy way to keep them organized?

To separate these and keep the leads organized many businesses are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. All CRMs will let you track leads, how they were generated, what contact you have had with them, and the next action to take. This data will help your team prioritize leads and contain all of your potential customers in one organized area. It is only a matter of finding which CRM is going to work best for you.

Consider where the lead came from. Did you obtain the lead from a referral, a whitepaper they downloaded on your site, a webinar, a cold call, or a tradeshow? From your experience with nurturing
these sales before, begin to organize each lead by their likeliness to buy.

Some companies like to use scoring systems to help organize these leads. The initial contact is scored by level of interest depending on where it comes from. For instance, if the lead comes from a webinar they may be given a higher score than a lead you receive from a cold call. If the cold call is not responding to
future calls or emails, start to deduct points and lower their priority. If a webinar attendee asks questions afterwards and seems interested in your product, add additional points to this lead and take the time to make a strong contact strategy to put extra effort into turning this lead into a sale.

By taking an active approach to organizing and prioritizing your leads, you and your sales team's time will be used efficiently. Additionally, by separating the leads that are likely to convert from the leads that are not likely to convert, you will be able to allocate the correct amount of effort to each group to ensure your
efforts are going to result in the maximum amount of sales.

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Michelle Hartley

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